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For people who have one or more cavities, fillings are an important part of restoring optimal dental health. We are highly skilled in removing all signs of decay and placing top-quality dental fillings. If you suspect you’ve developed a cavity, or if an old filling needs to be replaced, call our New York City office right away to schedule an appointment. Online scheduling is also available, making it easy for you to find a time to come in for this important restorative work.

Fillings Q & A

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are restorations that restore the structural integrity of a decayed tooth and prevent further deterioration. Over time, plaque and tartar can eat away at your tooth enamel, creating tiny pits that will eventually turn into cavities. Once your enamel layer is compromised, decay can worsen rapidly, destroying your natural tooth tissue and weakening the affected tooth.

Getting a filling at The Bastida Dental Group stops that process in its tracks and brings your tooth back to its normal shape and healthy state.

What materials are fillings made of?

You have choices when it comes to the materials used to create your new fillings. There are pros and cons of each option, so be sure to discuss your needs and treatment goals with the Bastida Dental Group team before choosing a material type.



These silver-colored fillings are among the most popular options, due to a mix of durability and value. They’re made of a metal alloy and are highly visible once in place. Amalgam can be a good option for your rear molars, but probably not for your front teeth.

Composite resin

This material can be mixed to match your natural tooth shade, and are less expensive than porcelain. They’re not a good option for large cavities because they aren’t as durable as some of the other options. They are, however, a very affordable choice.


These fillings provide the most natural appearance and are also incredibly durable. They’re created in a dental lab, and usually cover most of your tooth. Porcelain is among the most expensive material types, but the results are gorgeous.


Gold fillings are among the strongest and are a great fit for men and women who have allergies to other metals. They’re expensive and require more than one appointment, but they can last for more than 20 years.


Are fillings painful?

Having a filling may not be your favorite part of any given day, but the process isn’t painful. The dentists at The Bastida Dental Group use a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure, and you can even wear headphones or use an eye mask to relax while your restoration is taking place.

Best of all, fillings remove decayed tooth tissue, which might have been causing pain. Once your dentist places your new filling, you can look forward to many years of pain-free function, which is well worth having restoration work done as soon as you need it.

To learn more about your filling options or to schedule your appointment, call the office or schedule online at your earliest convenience.